Remembering the Greats

Wisdom is starting a new concept called 'Remembering the Greats' where we will pay homage to musical icons on their day of birth. We will play their work in the bar and, when available, documentaries and movies. Imagine walking into a bar of complete strangers, but realizing with a song that you are not amongst strangers, but in a space of like-minded fans all paying homage. This is the vibe we hope to build. Come drink with us in their honor.

7/15/56 Ian Curtis (Joy Division)
7/17/28 Vince Guaraldi
7/20/64 Chris Cornell

8/1/42 Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)
8/4/01 Louis Armstrong
8/9/63 Whitney Houston
8/20/42 Isaac Hayes
8/22/17 John Lee Hooker
8/22/36 Chuck Brown
8/29/58 Michael Jackson

9/5/46 Freddie Mercury (Queen)
9/6/71 Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries)
9/7/57 Buddy Holly
9/9/41 Otis Redding
9/12/44 Barry White
9/13/25 Mel Torme
9/14/83 Amy Winehouse
9/16/25 B.B. King
9/19/41 Mama Cass (The Mamas and the Papas)
9/21/34 Leonard Cohen
9/23/30 Ray Charles

10/9/40 John Lennon (The Beatles)
10/18/26 Chuck Berry
10/20/50 Tom Petty

11/20/70 Phife Dawg
11/27/42 Jimi Hendrix

12/8/43 Jim Morrison (The Doors)
12/12/15 Frank Sinatra

1/6/46 Syd Barret (Pink Floyd)
1/8/47 David Bowie
1/8/35 Elvis  
1/16/79 Aaliyah
1/19/43 Janis Joplin
1/22/31 Sam Cooke
1/22/60 Michael Hutchence (INXS)
1/25/38 Etta James

2/6/45 Bob Marley
2/6/50 Natalie Cole
2/21/33 Nina Simone
2/22/67 Kurt Cobain
2/25/43 George Harrison (The Beatles)
2/26/32 Johnny Cash
2/28/42 Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)

3/2/42 Lou Reed
3/17/19 Nat King Cole
3/25/42 Aretha Franklin

4/1/54 Jeff Porcaro (Toto)
4/2/39 Marvin Gaye
4/4/15 Muddy Waters
4/7/15 Billie Holiday
4/23/26 Roy Orbison
4/25/17 Ella Fitzgerald

5/3/33 James Brown
5/26/26 Miles Davis

6/7/17 Dean Martin
6/7/58 Prince
6/25/63 George Michael