Gin Club

Since its inception, Wisdom has focused on the enjoyment and lore of craft cocktails. Gin is our passion and we are excited to share it.  Gin Club members will receive premiums, discounts and admission to exclusive tasting events with the top distillers in the world. Gin Club is a carefully structured tasting experience designed to provide you a first hand understanding of the depth and range of this most esoteric and interesting liquor.  Your individual tasting notes and experience will add to our collective knowledge and we will track your progress. 

To encourage you to try the 100+ different gins, 6 different genevers, and 3 different gin/genever-based liqueurs on the Gin Club roster, we have a simple system of points and discounts.  As a member you get $1 off all gin cocktails (1.5 oz pours of gin) and $2 off all gin martinis (3.0 oz pours of gin) and for each new gin sampled you are awarded reward points - 1 point per martini and 1/2 point per cocktail (once you receive a point with a particular gin, you close out the round).

Gin club is a ONE YEAR $30 membership fee

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Member Benefits:

-All gin cocktails at Wisdom (1.5 oz) for $1 OFF & all gin martinis (3.0oz) for $2 OFF

-Monthly gin events (tastings/talks) will be discounted

-Monthly Gin Night event-major discounts on a specific brand for you plus one  

-Exclusive promotions throughout the year

-Members earn ½ point for a new gin cocktail and 1 point for each new gin martini which add up to earn gin-based rewards:


Level   Points     Reward

1            05          Earn a gin shirt or gin glass

2           15            Earn a mini bottle of gin or a 1.5 oz gin of your choice*

3           30           Earn an “L-train” Martini--Wisdom's Leopold's gin & Lillet wet                                      (3to1)

4           45           Earn a 1.5 oz pour of an aged gin

5           60           SILVER MEMBER—gin cocktails now $2 OFF, all gin martinis $3 OFF 

6           75            Earn a Gin hat

7           90            GOLD MEMBER—earn a pour of Nolet Reserve ($100 pour!)

8         100            Every 5th gin martini* is on the house--track martini purchases on
                             the back of gin club sheet